Teen Scene: What is your favorite word in the dictionary, and why?

art-0114-Mackenzie-ArmstrongMackenzie Armstrong, age 17. “I like the word boutonnière, because you don’t say it the way you think you should based on the way it’s spelled.”


art-0114-Drew-MillerDrew Miller, age 15. “Maleficent. It just sounds cool. It’s kind of evil, I guess. And it reminds me of the color green, for some reason.”


art-0114-Sean-HughesSean Hughes, age 17. “My favorite word in the dictionary is defenestration, because to defenestrate means to throw someone or something out of a window. It’s like the coolest word ever.”


art-0114-Zoë-PaoliZoë Paoli, age 14. “Fairy. Because it’s awesome, if it’s spelled F-A-I-R-Y. Just Fairy.”

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