Dear Readers November 2013

art-1113-dear-readersThere are many roads to becoming a parent, and we are pleased to be able to offer some insight  into the path of adoption. Our discussion in this month’s edition is by no means a complete picture of the adoptive choices available, but are personal accounts reflecting both the challenges and rewards of making the choice to adopt. There are thousands and thousands of children who can benefit from loving care, and hearing from adults who are willing to become stable and influential individuals in their lives is heart-warming to us.

As long days of autumn come to an end and the season changes to winter, remember to step outside and delight in the autumn warmth, smell the changes in the air, and enjoy the colorful plant life and surrounding North State vistas. Neighborhood birds and squirrels are joining in the act of preparing for a winter’s rest – that’s a fun process to watch with a child.

You may enjoy writer Peggy Jennings-Severe’s new book called Life Talks. The book’s focus is meaningful conversations, which is fitting as our thoughts turn to around-the-table togetherness with family and friends. Peggy offers ideas for enriching time shared with loved ones, to stimulate good conversation that all ages can participate in.

More ideas for shifting gears into the winter season:

Make some delicious meals together with your family; cooking can foster collaboration and communication. See our Localicious column for ideas. It’s a great time of year to share the love of books with each other. Read a short story or poem at dinnertime or before bedtime. For older children, share a discussion about the author’s point of view; for young children, draw pictures together to further expand the story visually, and talk about those aspects as you draw them.

Try making a board game … computer games may be stimulating, but making an old-fashioned board game from mat board remnant pieces and a little artistic flair is a fun family project that fosters creativity and dialog. Figuring out the strategy is half the fun! This project can get more elaborate by fashioning board games pieces with Fimo soft clay.

However you choose to spend your time together remember the blessing that raising a family is.

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