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I confess…. I thought Meek’s Lumber and Hardware was a contractors’ store. Turns out I was wrong. Though they are a favorite with contractors, they also have great products and resources for homeowners and remodelers. The store’s rows of homeowner-friendly merchandise, plus a cabinet design center and door shop, are welcoming. The personal attention is refreshing and leaves no doubt that their motto “from foundation to finish” is what they want to help you achieve.

Charles C. Meek Jr., son of the original founder, ventured to the North State in 1951 from Missouri and opened the first West Coast Meek’s yard in Redding. The rest is history. With 12 stores in Northern California and Nevada, including stores in Chico, Redding, Anderson and Yreka, Meek’s is a strong presence in the North State. Chairman of the Board Bill Meek, and his daughter, Carrie Meek-Cuneo, president of the Western Division, are actively involved in the day-to-day business. Along with corporate leadership, they work hard to facilitate their family-oriented approach to business.

“One of the compelling things about our business style is that our owners base their business on relationships with customers, vendors and employees,” said Jessica McGraw, branch manager of the Chico store. “That is reflected in the decisions we make, the items we carry, and our community involvement.”

There are a minimum of four community outreach events each year, with a goal of one per month. These events include activities for children, such as Kids’ Day where attendees get to make a project from wood and other materials.

A growing favorite is Ladies’ Night which is sort of a DIY dream come true. A recent Ladies’ Night at Meek’s in Chico gave hands-on training on transforming a room and provided appetizers! (Keep an eye on North State Parent’s Going Places events calendar for future events.)

There’s no need to wait for Ladies’ Night, though. If there is something you want to try, head for your nearest Meek’s. “Bring us your questions,” says Sean Hudson, branch manager of the Redding store. “We make sure our employees are trained so they can walk you through an entire project. Give us the chance to show how we can help you.”

Meeks-Logo6781 Eastside Rd
Anderson, CA

513 North Foothill Drive
Yreka, CA

1100 East 20th Street
Chico, CA

1045 Twin View Blvd
Redding, CA


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