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G-Force Gymnastics is all about celebrating success along the way. Owners Tarro and Julie Dussault have plenty to celebrate. It started back in high school where Tarro and Julie met in a gymnastics class. The high school sweethearts have never swayed from their commitment to each other or to great gymnastics.

1992 saw them both competing for California State University, Sacramento. The men’s artistic gymnastics team took silver in Collegiate Elite Nationals and Tarro ranked 16th in the nation. They served a two-year coaching apprenticeship with George Hery, the world’s first trampoline champion.

Tarro and Julie opened G-Force Gymnastics in Weaverville in 1993, where they trained boys and girls in artistic gymnastics and trampoline. Their son, Carson, was born in 2004, and in 2008 they moved their business to Redding. They have trained numerous state and regional champions, and more than a dozen national champions in tumbling and trampoline.

“We started in 900 square feet. Now we have a 15,000 square foot facility. Every step has been a celebration,” says Julie. “We go in scared then realize, wow, look what we did. You have to trust in your training. You have taken this path and now you are ready for this level.”

The couple’s focus shifted to training exclusively in trampoline and tumbling when the competitive culture of artistic gymnastics got to be too much. The transition made sense. Both are national-level coaches for trampoline and tumbling and are level-three trampoline judges. Tarro serves on the California State Board of Trampoline and Tumbling and is a master clinician for gymnastics camps throughout the nation.

The Dussaults have created a culture where every success is celebrated. Every athlete is treated with respect and is encouraged to reach their personal best, regardless of their potential.  “Trampoline and tumbling both lend themselves to no stereotyping or body-typing. You can be 7 years old or 35 years old,”  Tarro says.

The family works together and plays together. Tarro and Julie coach every class and train every student. In addition to competing, Carson, now age 9, runs the vending machine business inside G-Force Gymnastics. When they attended their 8th Junior Olympic Trampoline and Tumbling National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri in July, they spent time in the gym and time seeing the sights.

“Julie and I are together 24/7,”  Tarro says. “Our successes are celebrated all the time. Whether in the gym or in life, when life throws a curve, we are together to work it out.”

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