Families in Business: Feather Down Farm Days – Oroville’s Chaffin Family Orchards


Looking for an unconventional, wholesome alternative to the artificial world of amusement parks, technology and smoggy crowded cities? Bring your family to Feather Down Orchard’s newest farm stay at Chaffin Family Orchards in Oroville.

A family farm stay at Chaffin Family Orchards is an authentic opportunity to disconnect from the rat race of everyday living and reconnect with the simple and satisfying farmer’s life typical of a hundred years ago.

The farm stay offers families and children hands-on farming activities such as milking cows, feeding animals, working in an orchard, collecting eggs, and preparing nutritious meals from the produce and products unique to that farm. The farms’ house tents do not have electricity, which means no television, no computers, no gas stoves, and no distractions.  It can be a sacred time for families to reconnect with each other while learning about natural and healthy living.

The Feather Down Farm Days began in 2003 in the Netherlands as one man’s vision to offer families a more genuine down-to-earth experience while supporting family farmers, and disseminating awareness on healthy living.

In addition, each farm has a unique Honesty Shop where children can learn the value and reality of being honest. Families choose the produce and products they need to prepare their meals, and leave cash or check at the shop at the end of their stay.

Chaffin Family Orchards specializes in grass-fed beef, heirloom vegetables, and extra-virgin olive oil. In fact, their very Honesty Shop was originally a Quonset hut used to store flats of olives.

One of the many enchanting details of the family farm stay are the chic and nostalgic house tents furnished with beds, toilets, stoves, and lanterns. Families can enjoy their fresh-cooked meals, gather around the furnace for games, and relish the serenity of the outdoors.

Chaffin Family Orchards in Butte County Oroville is one of the three Feather Down Farm stays in the United States.  For families interested in escaping further away, agrarian refuge can also be found on one of the family farms in Walton, NY or Caledonia, IL. Exceptionally adventurous families can check out the Feather Down Farm Days across Europe. For more information contact (716) 226-6323 or visit http://www.tinyurl.com/ChaffinFamilyFarm or http://www.featherdown.com.


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