Briana Beaver Needs Help to Reach Her Dream of Living a Healthy Life

art-0613-Briana-BeaverTwenty-five year old Briana Beaver of Chico has had big dreams. One of her dreams was to earn a university degree in sociology, which she did in 2011, graduating summa cum laude from California State University, Chico. Another dream of hers has been to remain healthy. Realizing this dream, however, has been a difficult one due to her medical condition: she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy right after birth and has continued to experience various medical problems over the years.

Last summer Briana’s health took a turn for the worse when she began experiencing debilitating pain and had to be hospitalized. She now has to travel back and forth to San Francisco on a weekly basis to receive medical treatments. The expenses for these treatments along with the travel costs have become so high that a fundraising drive is underway to help her. Her mother Faelin Klein says, “Briana is turning the corner, but she still has a long way to go.”

Many people are not aware of the severe difficulties that a person with a debilitating illness must endure. Briana is a young woman with a disability who has not let her condition define her, and she would like to have the chance to achieve a healthier life, free of pain. With her bright outlook and determination, Briana has served as a mentor and role model to others with disabilities. She and her mother co-founded the non-profit organization Sunshine Connection, which provided a wide variety of services and activities to more than 500 children with disabilities in the Chico community.

To learn more about Briana’s current condition and how you can help, visit her GoFundMe website “Help Restore Briana’s Brain Function” at, call (530) 893-4717 or (530) 514-2659, or email her at Donations in any amount are welcome. “Being healthy is my biggest wish,” says Briana.

A Fall fundraiser for Briana is in the works. Help is needed – if you can help in any way, call Pamela Newman at (530) 926-1287 or email

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