Local Businesses Provide Fun & Unique Options for Spring and Summer Events


Chico Bar-B-Q

art-0513-loca2Chico Bar-B-Q owners Mike and Lori Lash began selling barbecues and equipment about 15 years ago, in addition to their other business, Lash’s Glass. Mike, who enjoys restoring vehicles, purchased an old fire truck and built a barbecue on the back, and later built several additional mobile barbecues. A long-time Chicoan, Mike started donating his talents to local fundraisers for special events, and the business has grown from there. Says Lori, “We never really intended to do catering, but we have been asked to do many events and are getting busier.”

art-0513-loca3Chico Bar-B-Q will customize a barbecue for their catering clients; their regular menu features tri-tip and chicken, salad, a baked potato bar, baked beans, and rolls or garlic bread. They purchase most of their meat locally at S & L Meats. The average price for catering is $10-15 per person, depending on options and supplies requested. They also do a mean Philly cheese steak (the best in town, in this author’s opinion), pancake or French toast breakfasts, and award-winning chili … they have won the Elks’ Chili Cook-off several times.

The fire truck barbecue is a great attention-grabber at big events. For smaller affairs, such as back-yard parties or block parties, the mobile grill is an excellent option. It’s best to call as soon as you have a date for your party, but sometimes Chico Bar-B-Q can fit in a last-minute event.

“We serve a good product for a good price, and we try to serve the community as much as we can by helping with benefits and fundraisers,” Lori says. It makes good sense to hire a business that buys local products and gives so much back to the community.

Chico Bar-B-Q
2242 Park Ave., Chico
(530) 345-0404


California Kitchen & Company


art-0513-loca4We are approaching the season of great weather and lots of parties: weddings, graduations, Fourth of July, birthdays and family reunions – there’s always something happening. If you are in charge of organizing one of these celebrations, why not free yourself up by letting professionals cook, or hold your celebration at a business that specializes in gourmet food?

Located in historic downtown Red Bluff, California Kitchen & Company has a solution  for many of your summer food and event needs. This business offers “gifts for the kitchen and wine for the soul,” featuring cooking utensils, stoneware and pottery, cooking classes, wine tasting, catering for special events, and classes for kids.

art-0513-loca6Whether it’s a baby or wedding shower, a work team-builder, or a fun twist on a family get-together, California Kitchen & Company can customize a unique memorable event involving food and fun with private cooking classes – all you need is a minimum of eight people. Kids’ cooking classes are offered every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m., and they recently added lunch service on weekdays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; foodies can browse the store before or after lunch.

Catering options are named “Shasta Lake,” “Mt. Lassen,” and “Tuscan Butte.” Each features a gourmet buffet with salad and rolls, starting at a base price of $17.99 per person.

California Kitchen & Company
645 Main St., Red Bluff
(530) 529-2482
M-F, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. & Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


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