The Yellow Door Presents: Chico Walks for Autism

art-0413-yellowdoorApril 7th brings an opportunity to show your support to individuals in our community with autism, and their families, on a 5k walk that begins and ends at beautiful Bidwell Park’s One Mile Recreation Area.

Presented by the nonprofit organization The Yellow Door, Chico Walks for Autism is designed to be a fun experience for children with autism, and participants come from all areas of Northern California. “I was pleasantly surprised at the response and turn-out of participants!” says Teri Tapia of Paradise, who attended the walk last year with her son.  “Jordan and I enjoyed the walk with his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. McDonal, and other friends that attended. It was a GREAT event!”

The path is clearly marked with yellow arrows, and the walk, when taking into account time for multiple stops and lollygagging, takes about 90 minutes.  There is an option at the half-mile point to go on or loop back, offering families a way to adjust their experience as needed for individual participants. Water stations and fun “sensory stops” along the path provide walkers the motivation to keep going, and there’s a picnic area at the halfway point featuring food vendors (with gluten- & casein-free options) – or bring snacks for your own picnic.

The walk ends at a vendor fair featuring information, crafts, calming live acoustic music, and areas for relaxing and play. Everyone is invited to participate.  Mom Wendy Moser of Cottonwood explains, “It was so meaningful to see support from the community, because that is where we want our children to thrive and be able to take part without judgment – out in our community.”

Entry is $5 per child and $10 per adult. Pre-register at, or register at the event.  All walk participants will be entered in a raffle, and pre-registered applicants receive a free car wash from Scrubs Inc. in Chico!  A brief event welcome and kick-off begins at 9:30 a.m. and the walk starts at 10 a.m. For more information visit, or call (530) 518-2495.

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