Nine Lessons Gymnastics Teaches Children

Most communities have a long list of recreational options available for children. You can sign your little one up for activities & classes including ballet, visual arts, karate, soccer, gymnastics, fencing and piano … the full spectrum of options are many and varied. Each activity offers a unique set of benefits, including the development of physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Gymnastics is one activity that provides multiple benefits for boy and girls. Here are some things children will learn:

  • The basics of exercise: warming up and cooling down. This prevents injury and can be applied to any type of physical activity. Each gymnastics session starts and ends with gentle stretching and conditioning.
  • To love their body for the amazing things it can do instead of for the way it looks. Gymnasts are athletes. They are flexible, strong and quick.
  • To fuel their body properly. Healthy foods and proper rest are needed to build strength and stamina.
  • That exercise is fun! Gymnastics routines are often set to pop music with dance moves incorporated.
  • To work as a team. Every member of the team plays an important part in carrying out the routine and maintaining safety.
  • To encourage others and receive encouragement back. Their teammates and coaches will push, encourage and cheer for them. They’ll do the same back.
  • That practice is crucial! It takes time to train the body to balance on a beam, fly through the air, or jump off the ground into flips. Shows and competitions are only a small part of gymnastics. Practice makes up the majority of the group activities.
  • That hard work pays off! By committing to training and regular practice, your child will see that it is possible to achieve goals. Your child’s face will beam with pride.
  • That being proud of yourself is one of the best feelings possible.

Gymnastics teaches teamwork, encourages healthy choices, and helps build self-confidence. It’s a great option as an extracurricular activity. Most facilities allow interested students to check out a class or two for free. Try it out and see if gymnastics might be a good fit for your child.

Rachael Moshman
About Rachael Moshman

Rachael Moshman holds a master’s in education with an emphasis in special needs. She is a mom and writer, and has advocated for children and families for two decades.


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