Now Available: Family Resource Guide 2011/2012

Family Resource Guide 2011/2012

We at North State Parent magazine are a staff of ten local parents who offer you our best kept (non-secret) suggestions among these Family Resource Guide pages. We are your local North State parenting support magazine!

Our printed edition include display ads from over 100 local business who care about kids and who offer healthy programs, goods and services for raising kids and living a balanced family life.

Perhaps you’re in the mood to find a fun local bike path, or are searching for your child’s next birthday party destination. Let us help connect you! Find programs and activities for kids, whether sports, martial arts, hands-on learning about growing foods, or performing and visual arts classes. Discover local healthy foods resources for your family’s meals. Our annually published Family Resource Guide is here at your fingertips as a support tool for all this and so much more.

Children are naturally curious and enjoy learning from the abundant and creative offerings found in our unique Upper California region. Parks, museums, the planetarium and star-gazing opportunities, bridges, hiking trails, child-friendly indoor play spaces and more are worth exploring together. Season to season, the Family Resource Guide will help you locate inspiring educational opportunities.

Let’s not forget the fun! Our belief is childhood should be filled with plenty of good times and enriching moments. As a locally owned and run business supporting many child-related programs, we know the one thing we all can do is work together to help make the North State a family centered region.

North State Parent works with over 100 businesses and non-profits monthly, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy learning about them in our pages. When you meet them, please mention North State Parent as your source so they will know you value what you’ve learned of from us!

Together we can work toward the goal of making our world feel enjoyable, meaningful and safe, especially for its little people. If we have left out a resource you feel is helpful and should be shared with others in future editions of the Family Resource Guide, we would love to hear about your suggestions and experiences. We’d love to hear your feedback too. Email us at


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